Christmas Holiday Formula

Intention: to lift your spirits at this time of year with some inner nurturing, revitalisation, contentment, hope and joy. 

Deeply nurturing for those who are constantly busy, to become more present and enjoy the festivities. 


Directions: take 7 drops in the mouth morning and night, and again as desired. Drops can be added to drinking water and sipped throughout the day. Drops can be added to a vaporiser to spread vibration throughout the home. 


30ml dropper bottle containing pure water, brandy preservative (~25%), and vibrational essences of:

Flower Essences: Little Flannel Flower, Alpine Mint Bush, Moshatel, Chiming Bells, Black Eyed Susan, Tundra Rose and Purple Poppy

Gem Essence: Opal

Environmental Essence: Rock Spring


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