Boost Essence 30ml drops - Australian Bush Flower Essences


Assists in feeling resilient, safe, calm grounded and balanced.

Formulated to support and boost you through changing and challenging times.


Useful for Negative Conditions:

  • Overly sensitive to others or to the negative energies of situations or environments
  • Overwhelmed by change
  • Feeling "out of sorts"


Brings about Positive Outcomes:

  • Resilience
  • Calm and balanced
  • Feeling safe and reassured
  • Coping with change
  • Grounded
  • Courage



7 drops under the tongue morning and night



Purified Water (67%), Brandy (33%) -  alcohol content is 12.5% (as preservative)

Vibrational Infusion of Flower Essences: Drosera spatulata (Sundew), Bauera rubioides (Dog rose), Brachychiton acerifolius (Illawarra flame tree),  Callistemon linearis (Bottlebrush), Crowea saligna, Patersonia longifolia (Bush iris), Swainsona formosa (Sturt desert pea), Thysanotus tuberosus (Fringed violet).



Contains alcohol


Note from Generating Health: flower essences (especially the Australian Bush Flower Essences) are great for emotional support and positive behaviour change. Can be used everyday and intuitively dosed. Drops can be added to drinking water and sipped throughout the day. If the alcohol content is to strong, a few drops may be added to the palm of your hand.  

Boost Essence 30ml - Australian Bush Flower Essences