Merry Christmas & Update for 2022

Merry Christmas from Me!

Exciting Changes in the New Year: * Unfortunately I will not be taking new Naturopathy clients for the next few months (temporarily). Current clients, please contact me regarding your next follow-up, if I haven't already emailed you.

* NEW OFFERING: Remote Quantum Energy Balance 💫 CLEARING BLOCKS & SELF-SABOTAGE – CREATING HARMONY IN YOUR LIFE & BODY – INCREASING AWARENESS & INTUITION These sessions are designed to help you clear away old energetic baggage that’s holding you back from the life you want. Do you have a negative pattern or cycle that keeps repeating (in life, health, money, business or relationships), no matter what you do? Quantum Energy Balance could help! These sessions are done remotely at an arranged time; you carry on with your day, and receive the balance anywhere in the world. INTRODUCTORY PRICE: $120 per session, recommend at least 2 sessions.

* NEW OFFERING: Holistic Life Coaching 🤩 GOAL SETTING – CREATING NEW HABITS & ROUTINES – ACCOUNTABILITY These sessions are designed to assist current clients stay on track with their wellbeing and lifestyle goals. We work together to bring alignment into various areas of your life, creating habits and routines that allow you to be the best version of yourself. These sessions are 30 minutes each, available fortnightly, in-person or online Zoom. Each session we will have a specific goal and will follow a coaching format. INTRODUCTORY PRICE: $80 per session, for a minimum of 6 fortnightly sessions (payment plans available). Not sure this is for you? Message me or visit my website to schedule a complimentary 10 minute discovery chat.

* FLOWER ESSENCES 🌸 I will continue making these and creating new blends as needed. These are available for purchase through my online shop, or send me an email or message. What’s new: * A quiz will be available online soon, to help you create a custom essence (without requiring a consultation) * A Flower Essence Subscription Group is being created, which allows members to purchase exclusive blends that I make fortnightly according to the current energy and group needs. These will be posted monthly and give the option for group members to choose any 1 or 2 blends they like per month. These will be 1x 30ml or 2x 15ml sizes. In the group (not Facebook), we have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals to discuss the essences, how we are using them, how we are feeling and help each other release old patterns to become more authentically us. It’s a journey to knowing yourself and your place in the world, while having a supportive group (and the essences) to help you along the way. INTRODUCTORY PRICE: $28 per month, including group access and postage. The first shipment of essences will be Tuesday 18th January 2022.

* ONLINE COURSES 🍏 * The Weight Loss Mindset Cycle course is now $39 for lifetime access. Although it is specifically created for weight loss, this course is great for any healthy habit change. You can easily apply the principles given to other areas of your life. * COMING SOON! A series of courses on health based topics. I'm currently working on the next one, which will be available soon in FEB 2020. I have amazing help to put this together so it will be extra special - keep an eye out!

*PRODUCTS 🎁 I'm slowly adding more useful products to my online shop - you can find flower essence blends, homeopathic remedies, teas, gifts, supplements, body care and a few food items.

I hope everyone has a relaxing and rejuvenating Christmas. 🎄

All are welcome at Generating Health.


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