How to Think for Yourself

I’m going to share some ways you can empower yourself and not become a victim of hearsay or false information.

Question everything.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of information and media reporting that is designed to give you an emotional response. Please do yourself a favour and remember to think rationally and question everything.

Here are some questions you could ask yourself whenever you are reading a media report, a Facebook post, a journal article etc.

  1. Who wrote the information and what are their credentials?

  2. Are there 2 (or more) sides to this story?

  3. Are they selling something?

  4. Are they being paid to report on this? (or sponsored etc)

  5. What are the motivations for writing this? (emotional appeal, page views, increased rating etc)

  6. Is there any evidence that this information is true?

  7. Do I have any gut instincts about this?

It is a shame that we can’t take all information at face value, but with these questions you can at least be vigilant about false or exaggerated information.

Also trust your gut instincts… if all the information checks out but still doesn’t seem right, then I would go with that intuition whenever possible.

This was just a really quick reality check that I hope will be helpful when wading through the masses of information there is out there.

I’ll also add that if you ever see anything on my page that you’re not sure about, please send me your questions.

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