How to Stay Consistent with Weight Loss: 11 Things You Need to Know

Weight loss can be difficult. Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated and sometimes we need a little help staying on track. It's normal for us to have highs and lows when we are trying to reach our goals, but how can we stay consistent? How can we stay motivated? Let me show you 11 ways!

Get clear on your ultimate goal.

When we are clear about our destination it's easier to get there. Keep your ultimate goal in mind but don't make it your main focus. It takes time and dedication, but once we achieve weight loss goals it's worth it. Be mindful of your weight loss progress, not just the scale and measurements.

Celebrate small victories.

When we have a breakthrough, it's important to stop and reflect on how far we've come. Reward yourself for each step you take. Change is hard, so recognise the effort you are putting in and encourage yourself to keep going!

Focus on the process.

Stay grounded in the process of what you are trying to do instead of focusing solely on your destination or goal. For example, if you are climbing a mountain, you wouldn't just focus on getting to the top, but consistently put one foot in front of the other. Before you know it, you've reached the top.

Use accountability.

Use an accountability partner to help you stay on track. Find friends that are also on weight-loss journeys, join a group for support, read blogs from people who share similar goals as you do. Tell someone what goal you are working towards and ask them to hold you accountable.

Create a system for success.

Having routines in place helps us stay on track with our goals because we know how things work. If we schedule to go running at the same time every day or eat breakfast before heading out, we will just do it because it's part of our routine. If we anticipate success and plan accordingly, these tasks will eventually become good habits.

Challenge yourself.

Do things you never would have done before, Encourage yourself to take up a new challenge, like running or walking in a charity walk/run, joining a fitness group class you've been wanting to try. Push the boundaries and challenge what's possible. You'll be surprised how much this will help motivate you and breakthrough any blocks to progress.

Keep it simple.

Take weight loss one day and one step at a time and do your best. Break down big goals into small and simple ways. Give yourself realistic expectations of what you can achieve in a week or day. Avoid trying to do too much in one go, so that you're not overwhelmed and feeling like you cannot continue. Do what you can and you can always add more later.

List your motivations.

Find other ways to stay motivated than food or weight loss itself. Make a list of motivators and keep it handy for when your motivation is getting low. Motivations can be internal (personal reasons) or external (rewards). The best internal motivators are those you have for wanting to lose weight, like feeling more confident, having more energy, or being more mobile. External motivators are your rewards for effort and of course the physical results that come with losing weight.

Slow down to improve your lifestyle.

The best way to lose weight and become healthy is with a slow, consistent approach. The goal of the process isn't just about reaching the goal on the scale or at certain checkpoints along the journey. It's about changing your lifestyle entirely to be fit for life.

Avoid going backward.

When it feels like you've hit a plateau, focus on maintaining the lifestyle changes your body has successfully made instead of focusing on losing more weight. This will help to make sustainable progress and potentially make future weight loss efforts more successful.

Stay consistent.

The best results come to those who can stay consistent. These people end up losing weight and have better control, as these changes become a part of their daily lives. This isn't about going to extremes but rather small habits that are done consistently and which will eventually create big change.

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