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Robina, QLD, Australia

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"I feel that for true healing to take place

we need to go deeper"

Hi, I'm Gen

I'm a degree-qualified Naturopath who has a passion for helping women feel better.


Whether that involves balancing hormones, reproductive cycle, energy and moods; 

improving immune, liver and digestive function;

or simply just being someone to talk to and help make sense of what you are feeling and experiencing... my services are for you.

You can tell me the weirdest or grossest things to do with your health. I will not judge you and I hold your privacy in the strictest confidence. Even if it is something I have not come across before, I am confident in my knowledge of how the human body works that there will be some direction for you, even if it is something to help you feel better in the meantime and a referral to another health professional.

My time is very precious to me and I will only work with clients who are committed to working on their health.

I can give you the advice, explanations, support and motivation, but you are ultimately the one who will be responsible for your health.

Having just come through my own spiritual awakening, I feel that for true healing to take place we need to go deeper. I am open to exploring "out of the box" reasons for health complaints and also energy techniques for bringing the body back into balance.

I combine research-based medicine, traditional knowledge, my own clinical and life experiences, along with spiritual energy work to give you the best possible care. I absolutely love working with women and couples who are considering or actively trying to get pregnant and happy to work alongside your IVF treatments (in a complimentary way) if needed.


Naturopathy Consultation

Individualised Treatment & Care

A combination of evidence-based medicine, functional medicine, traditional herbal medicine and intuitive holistic approach to help you receive unique recommendations for your specific health issue.

An Initial Consultation Includes:

  • 1 hour face to face

  • Up to 2 hours of research, analysis and development of a comprehensive treatment plan & prescription for your specific needs

  • Custom flower essence & spiritual exploration

  • $270

Follow Up Consultation Includes:

  • 30 minute face to face or online session

  • We follow up on progress, celebrate wins, provide motivation and allow deeper needs, fears or emotions to come to the surface

  • Includes energy healing &/or another flower essence (as needed)

  • $80

Self Discovery Session

Guidance & Energy Healing

  • Develop a deeper connection to yourself 

  • We focus on how you are thinking and feeling to find the core of the issue, so that it can be acknowledged, released or changed

  • We dig deeper as needed

  • The session may include guided meditation, Theta Healing &/or intuitive guidance to bring energy balance

  • Online session on any topic you choose (30 minutes)

  • $80

Flower Essence Creation

A Custom Bottle of Love

  • Custom Flower Essence made for your unique situation

  • Amazing for emotional issues, stress and assisting with positive mindset

  • In a base of water with a little brandy to preserve

  • Safe to take with other medications

  • 15 ml dropper bottle

  • You can choose to chat with me online, or I can send you questions to get your perfect formula

  • Includes postage for your essence to anywhere in Australia

  • Your essence will last you approximately 1-2 weeks if taken everyday

  • $50


Note: Subsequent flower essences will be more affordable if you would like to continue taking flower essences after your first one. Please ask me about refills for $30 (includes postage).



What My Clients Have to Say

Fertility Client

My partner and I started seeing Gen in November 2015, my sister recommended her to me. We booked in a double appointment for general health and also for fertility. We had been unsuccessful for 18 months and after 5 months of seeing Gen we finally fell pregnant.

I highly recommend Gen for fertility and also general health, she was amazing at supporting my journey from getting my body healthy to becoming pregnant and through my pregnancy. She is so passionate about helping people I would get phone calls and emails from Gen very regularly and when ever I had a question or something changed in my health journey she supported me to get back on the right track. My partner and I would like to thank Gen for helping make our dream to become parents come true. We have a beautiful healthy baby boy and I'll always be so grateful for the help we got from Gen.

Chrissy, Gold Coast

Preconception Client

I began working with Gen at Generating Health long before my fertility journey began and it only felt natural that she would be the ideal person to guide me through the exciting process of having a baby. She provided me with all the tools and information I needed to conceive naturally (which we did after three months of trying) and how to have a healthy pregnancy. What's more she gave me techniques to aid my natural labour and also how to manage my health postpartum. For me I loved that her program was so holistic and also the fact that it was based on research. As a health care professional Gen was extremely approachable, caring and easy to talk. I would not hesitate in recommending Gen for anyone thinking about conceiving now or at some point in the future.

Rebecca, Brisbane


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